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Lookout Ridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks was founded by Richard and Corene Gildersleeve of Boulder, CO out of our love for the breed.

While we had been Ridgeback admirers for some time it wasn’t until 20 years ago on a trip to Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia, that we fell in love with Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  It was their noble manor and effortless gait across the savannas that attracted us.  Simply brought tears to my eyes, I had never seen such beautiful movement from a dog before.  Once I returned I started learning everything I could about this majestic breed.  This convinced me that they are the perfect breed for us.

It took several years before we were ready for our first Ridgeback.  We had committed to multiple rescue’s that were our priority.  Not wanting to upset these family members we waited until the timing was more ideal.  Brodie then came to us, we really had no idea where he came from, his pedigree, or anything about him and basically was a rescue.  Once introduced to this dignified amazingly athletic breed there was no going back!

Unfortunately we lost Brodie at the early age of 6.  We simply couldn’t survive without another Ridgeback and were fortunate to find an incredible breeder, Mary Brinkman of Heritage Rhodesian Ridgebacks, from a friend.  She entrusted us with a piece of her heart, her legacy and the most perfect young girl imaginable, Zoey. From age 8 weeks until present she amazes us everyday.  We had an interest in breeding and set out on the path to fulfill this goal.  We started actively showing and she became an AKC Champion by 15 months and then Grand Champion by 22 months of age!  With her health clearances in place it is our plan for her to be the cornerstone of our new kennel specializing in quality Rhodesians breed for temperament, show and competition – all to the Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Standards.

We are proud of our first liter born in January, 2020 of 12 puppies from our Zoey and sired by Ryker a Bronze Grand Champion with more titles than most any Ridgeback I’ve seen. This was a beautiful liter and many are in Show Homes. We kept a female, Piper who will remain with our kennel and we also plan to breed. Piper has already been a tremendous success in the show ring and earned the name “wonder pup” by achieving her Championship during one month of showing by the age of 9 months and 2 days! We are looking forward to seeing the other puppies in the ring.  

Please do explore and see more of our Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

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Thanks! Richard, Corene, Zoey and Piper

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