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We do not have puppies available. We do not have plans for a litter in the near future.

Banjo and Piper gave us a beautiful litter on March 27, 2023!! All the puppies have been placed in wonderful forever homes.

Our goal in breeding is not to just produce puppies for sale, but to improve and preserve the breed that we love.  As a new breeder looking to become established and to carry on these championship lines, we’d love to see some of these puppies in the show rings! Just so everyone understands, we do plan to give preference to show homes, or homes willing to give showing a try.  If you do not know anything about showing but might have an interest in giving this a try, please reach out to us so we can answer your questions and help you get started on an amazing journey.  As Zoey’s breeder agreed to share a bit of her heart and legacy with us we were reluctant to try showing, but agreed to give it a try. She helped us, gave us advice, got us started and we are now so grateful that we took this step! Not only have we made many new friends along the way but now have a Grand Champion which we believe is a more confident, well-mannered family pet because of it!

We are members of RRCUS (Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US) and CRRC (Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Club) and abide by their Code of Ethics. We do full health testing of both parents including OFA and genetic testing. While this can not absolutely guarantee a perfect puppy with no chance of any diseases, it certainly increases the odds for a life-long healthy family member.

You may ask why it is important chose a breeder that shows or breeds to “breed standards”. Does it seem excessive or “snobby”? Is it all just about giving me bragging rights or that my “Poke” is cuter than your “Poke” – absolutely not!  Dog shows are a means of measuring dogs against the published Breed Standard for each breed, to evaluate soundness, movement/gait, type, and temperament. It is not just me thinking that I have a special dog, but me putting my dog in front of multiple experienced judges and having them validate that my dog is indeed special and worthy of representing the breed.  In our opinion, all breeders should be doing this and regardless if you want to show or just have an amazing family pet, choosing a breeder that does shows, is choosing a breeder that wants to see everything that’s good about a breed and to preserve that for future generations to enjoy.

If you are interested in one of our puppies please let us know!  As a first step please fill out the form below and we will contact you and get the process started.

Looking forward to talking with you!

Puppy Info Initial Request

Puppy Info Initial Request